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Kane Garden SEA VIPER 5'11" Epoxy by Boardworks

New Surfboards » Fishes » Kane Garden SEA VIPER 5'11" Epoxy by Boardworks
Item Number: Sea Viper
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Products Description

Kane Garden SEA VIPER 5'11" Epoxy by  Boardworks

The Sea Viper is our most progressive post-modern fish in our line, it is the result of a succession of design improvements going all the way back to the original fish models of the early seventies. This board is the Ferrari of Fish designs, it is incredibly fast and gets to speed with ease and with its unique rocker profile and double wings, and it goes vertical and has the skate and paddle power of a traditional fish. The Sea Viper is incredibly versatile and excels in a wide range of surf conditions, you can ride it on your average day at your local surf spot or take it with you as your main board to any exotic tropical surf location with confidence. Kane Garden has been at the forefront of fish design from the very beginning and we are always striving to improve our designs, the Sea Viper will not disappoint you!

The Ride: The most versatile board in our line – blinding speed with sharp radius turns – drivey – excels in a wide range of surf

    * Slightly pulled in fish nose and overall template
    * Increased bottom curve
    * Two bottom curves – single concave with a double barrel semi- bonzer concave inside the single
    * Double hard wings
    * Deep split fish swallow 5" deep and 8" at the tail block
    * 4-fin quad: loose, drivey and stable
    * FCS fins with inside foils

Here are the Dimensions of SEA VIPER:

Model     Height     Nose     Width     Tail     Thickness     Fin Setup
Sea Viper     5'8"     15 3/8"     20 5/8"     16 7/8"     2 13/16"     FCS Quad
Sea Viper     5'11"     15"     20 9/16"     16 1/2"     2 3/4"     FCS Quad
Sea Viper     6'2"     14 5/16"     20 7/8"     16 5/8"     2 3/4"     FCS Quad

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